The Yosoo Mini LED Digital Incubator is a great incubator for beginners and at home egg hatchers. The easy to use functions and features of the Yosoo Mini LED Digital Incubator, as well as the compact design make it a great option for home hatching, as well as using the Yosoo Mini LED Digital Incubator with younger children. The Yosoo Mini LED Digital Incubator comes with everything you need to get started, and performs all the functions you need to hatch your own fowl at home. If you’re looking for a basic incubator model to start out with your first hatching season, the Yosoo Mini LED Digital Incubator is perfect for beginners.

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 The Yosoo Mini LED Digital Incubator is compact and fully portable, so it is great for use in homes and schools, especially if you’re using this incubator with young children.

The Yosoo Mini LED Digital Incubator easily holds 10 chicken eggs, so you can have a fair sized hatch at home.

The plastic materials make the Yosoo Mini LED Digital Incubator very easy to clean, so you can ensure a hygienic environment for your hatchlings.

The LED display shows the temperature and humidity in clear writing, so you can make sure that your eggs are in the perfect environment for their safety and development.

The built in alarm system warns you about any drastic changes so that you are ale to fix any issue as soon as possible, removing risk to the eggs.

The clear window enables you to see the eggs throughout the incubation period without having to remove the lid, which can be risky to the eggs.

The Yosoo Mini LED Digital Incubator uses a fan to heat the incubator.


 The Yosoo Mini LED Digital Incubator has a compact design and this in turn can cause issues when the eggs hatch, as there is little room for them to move around.

The humidity can spike when hatching, as the chicks are slightly damp, and this can be damaging to their young respiratory systems if not managed correctly.

There is no back up battery included with the Yosoo Mini LED Digital Incubator, so in the case of power shortages and cuts there will be a lack of power and warmth, which can cause issues or even loss.

The humidity can change quite quickly and this should be properly monitored during incubation.

The temperature is only measured in degrees Celsius, not Fahrenheit.

The temperature can vary quite dramatically and the thermometer is not always accurate. Many have solved this by buying a separate thermometer in order to get an accurate reading.

The included instructions are very limited, and this can be confusing for beginner hatchers.

There is no instruction as to how much water should be used, and this can cause troubles when trying to maintain the humidity levels.

The power plug does not fit the incubator snugly, and can be knocked out of place if caution is not taken.

The Yosoo Mini LED Digital Incubator does not have an automatic turning function so the eggs need to be turned manually, which can be difficult and fiddly for beginners.


 The features of the Yosoo Mini LED Digital Incubator are very simple to use, so it is a great incubator for beginners, or those with children.

The 10-egg capacity gives you plenty of room for your hatch, as well as enough room for the hatchlings to stand and exercise.

The easily cleanable materials ensure that you can give your hatchlings the safest and most sanitary environment.

The LED Display clearly shows the readings of the environment, so you can keep track and change anything you need to in order to help the eggs develop.

The alarm system alerts you to any changes to make sure that the eggs are safe and monitored.

The clear window allows you to quickly notice and assess any damages to the eggs in order to minimise loss of embryos.

The Yosoo Mini LED Digital Incubator is small and compact, so it is perfect for home use or as a teaching tool in a classroom with small children, as it will not take up a lot of space and can be stored easily.

The heating fan regulates temperature much better than heating elements or coils.

The water chamber is guarded to ensure the young hatchlings’ safety and avoid loss due to drowning.

The Yosoo Mini LED Digital Incubator is the perfect incubator for beginner hatchers this season, as it performs all of the necessary functions without being too complicated; and it is small and sleek enough to be stored away out of sight for the next hatching season. The main drawback of the Yosoo Mini LED Digital Incubator is that the temperature and humidity are more difficult to control and monitor than other, more advanced incubator models, so it needs careful and constant monitoring in order to keep the eggs at the perfect environment. This can be difficult for some of those who work during the day and cannot be there to constantly turn and monitor the eggs, which need turning at least three times a day. However, when incubating eggs with younger children, whether at home or in a classroom, the Yosoo Mini LED Digital Incubator is a great option to hatch any kind of fowl egg if you can be present to look after the eggs.