The Yaufey Digital Eggs Incubator is one of the best egg incubators available on the market today. The innovative, automatic features make egg hatching quick and simple, without any of the manual work that other incubators need in order to get a successful hatch.

For Yaufey, one of the top 100,000 sellers on Amazon, the Digital Eggs Incubator is a brilliant incubator, with a lower cost than higher-tier brands. It is perfect for lots of different uses and environments as it has a sleek, compact design, and uses typical voltage and plugs so can be used anywhere.

Yaufey Direct makes the Digital Eggs Incubator with Egg Turner. They are an Amazon based company who focus on Home, Garden and Electronic products. They sell over 20 products on the site and have reached the 91270th position in the Amazon sellers ranking. Over the past year their rating average has consistently been 5 out of 5 stars, a 100% positive rating, which is an incredible feat for Amazon manufactures.


The digital eggs incubator has space for 12 chicken eggs.

The simple functions make this digital incubator perfect for both home and farm use, as you can easily control temperature.

The humidity alarm alerts you to any major changes in humidity, so you can ensure the perfect environment for your eggs.

The automatic egg turner mimics nature to turn the eggs and exercise the embryos.

The easy to read LED display is helpful to show both temperature and humidity levels, so you can fully control the environment for your hatch.

Solid plastic construction is quick and easy to clean, ensuring a hygienic environment for your eggs.

The Digital Egg Incubator is fully portable, making it perfect for use in a home or school as a teaching tool for young children.

The Digital Egg Incubator times the hatching days, as well as turning times, so you can easily track and record your hatch.

The Auto Thermometer keeps accurate track of the temperature in the incubator, so you don’t have to manually take measurements to ensure the safety of your eggs’ environment.

The plastic materials allow quick and easy cleaning, so you can give your embryos a safe, hygienic environment.


 The plastic is not clear, so you cannot see the hatch, or the eggs in order to assess any damages.

The Digital Eggs Incubator is made for chicken hatches; larger fowl eggs will not fit into the incubator.

The Digital Eggs Incubator is made by an Amazon based company, and not an independent company, and this can be an issue for some customers.

There is no back-up power or battery, and this can be detrimental to hatches in case of power cuts or shortages, and could result in loss of hatchlings if not found.


 The Digital Eggs Incubator is perfect for both home and farm use, as is small and lightweight.

With enough room for 12 eggs, there is ample room for a good-sized hatch.

 The LED display shows temperature and humidity, so you can monitor and create the best and safest environments for both embryos and hatchlings.

The humidity alarm lets you know if there is an issue with the humidity, making sure your hatch is totally safe and protected.

The automatic egg turning facility does the work for you, meaning you don’t have to turn the eggs yourself, which can be risky and cause injury to the embryos.

The automatic thermometer and humidity functions take a lot of the work out of hatching eggs, giving you the easiest experience possible.

The lightweight and portable design gives you plenty of option in where you use the Digital Eggs Incubator; the size and capacity are perfect for home and schools, but still large enough to use on a farming scale.

Plastic materials make the Digital Eggs Incubator very quick and easy to clean, for optimum hygiene.

Each incubator is Rohs, CE, and C-tick approved, making sure you receive the best quality incubator possible.

Overall Yaufey’s Digital Eggs Incubator is a great option for your next hatching season. The fantastic automatic features and functions take a lot of the effort out of hatching. With automatic egg turning and monitors temperature and humidity, and even alerts you to any major changes, so you can be assured that your hatch will be in the perfect environment for growth and development. The Digital Eggs Incubator is lightweight and portable, so it is perfect for use in both home and farm environments, or in school as a lesson tool.

The main drawback to the Digital Eggs Incubator is that the plastic materials of the lid are not see through, so you cannot see if a hatch has started, or if there are any issues or damage to the eggs. This can be dangerous as you may not know an egg is damaged until it is too late, which can cause damage or loss of an embryo or chick if this is not caught in time.

Yaufey is also not an established company and manufacturer, they are based on the Amazon marketplace, so it is limited in return and customer service policies, which could be an issue if you run into an issue with your incubator later on down the line. However, the manufacturer has a solid record of positivity and successful machines, which is promising when looking into purchasing a product for Yaufey Direct.

However, the Yaufey Digital Eggs Incubator is still one of the best options for digital egg incubators currently available to buy, as it allows you full control over your egg environment, as well as a safe and hygienic usage, without the manual labour of looking after your hatch and hatchlings that some incubators require. It also gives you plenty of room for a fair sized hatch and enough room for newer hatchlings to walk around and exercise after hatching.