The world of technology is constantly changing and evolving. The past few years have seen some of the most fascinating and innovative ideas of the tech world ever, and at the rate that things are going, it doesn’t look like that innovation is going to going away any time soon at all.

Among all of these innovations and creations, one of the most notable ones has been that of 3D printing. 3D printing first started to get super popular a few short years ago, and has since blossomed into a rather huge industry.


Within the past few years, folks have really started to harness the power of 3D printer, and creating things with it that we once though impossible. The machines that are required for this art are incredibly complex and intuitive, and it is simply astonishing as to what some people have already been able to create with these machines.

While 3D printing with plastic is the most popular and cost-effective option out there, there’s a lot of 3D printing that’s also taking place with metal. Although it is heavier and more expensive than plastic, there is still an entire world of possibilities in regards to what can be created when 3D printing with metalThere have been some truly amazing creations already, and some that we’ve yet to see. 

In any case, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most interesting applications that are possible with 3D metal printing. Although we’re just scratching the tip of the iceberg with this list, we still found our findings to be quite awesome.



Although this might seem like a bit of a boring way to kick off our list, being able to 3D print utensils is still a pretty great use of a 3D printer. While this is certainly possible when 3D printing with plastic, creating utensils with metal when 3D printing allows them to be much stronger and more durable when actually using them. Plus, the feeling and experience you get out of it is much more reminiscent as to what you would get with a store-bought utensil.



The faucets that you use in your kitchen or bathroom certainly serve their purpose, but they might be looking a little drab nowadays. Unfortunately, purchasing a new faucet system can be a bit expensive if you want to get a really intricate and stylish design. However, you don’t need to go to the store and buy one if you have a 3D metal printer! American Standard has released their very own design for 3D printed faucets, and they look absolutely stunning.



When looking to purchase a new item of jewelry for your loved one, finding a design that you think they’d love can often be a bit of a challenge. While there’s no shortage of different styles out there, sometimes you can’t find the exact right thing that you’re looking for. However, with 3D metal printers, you don’t have to rely on the jewelry store anymore. The metal used allows the jewelry to maintain a solid and premium feel, and the ability to create whatever design you want allows you to use your full creativity when creating your new jewelry items.


Parts for Classic Cars

If you’re the owner of an old, classic car, you’re all too familiar with just how hard it can be to find parts for these automobiles in today’s market. Because of their age, being able to locate the exact part that you need for a certain make and model can almost be impossible, but thanks to the rise of 3D metal printing, that is no longer an issue. With 3D metal printing, we are now able to use schematics to print parts for classic cars that you can no longer purchase outright. This is truly a godsend to folks that are collectors of old and vintage cars, as nothing at all like this has existed before.


Although this is just a small glimpse as to what is possible with what’s possible with 3D metal printing, it should hopefully give you a good idea as to some of the things that are possible with this process.


However, because of how limitless the act of 3D metal printing is, only more and more things will be created with it as time goes on. The applications that it can be used for are absolutely endless, and we really cannot wait to see what the future holds for 3D printing going down the road. However, for the time being, these are some of the most interesting applications that we’ve seen thus far.